Sofiderm Meso (1x3ml)
Sofiderm Meso (1x3ml)

Sofiderm Meso (1x3ml)


Skin rejuvenation


Sofiderm Meso (1x3ml) is a classic biorevitaliser of a new generation of native non-animal derived non-animal glucose, a pharmaceutical standard with a concentration of 15 mg / ml and a molecular weight of 2000 kD. Completely biodegradable.

The drug compensates for the lack of HA, maximizes the water reserve, improves the structure of the skin, increases its turgor and elasticity, moisturizes and improves the complexion. The ideal combination of the molecular weight of HA 2000 kDa and an average concentration of 15 mg / ml allows for maximum restructuring of the skin, triggers the process of collagenesis, angiogenesis, normalizes metabolism and biochemical parameters of the skin. Increases and enhances skin regeneration.

It also has the following advantages:

  • Deep moisturisation
  • Alignment of skin microrelief
  • Restoration of skin turgor and elasticity
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Improvement of the clinical picture of couperose
  • Seborectomy
  • Elimination of dark circles under the eyes
  • Improves the color of the skin and smooths the tone of the face
  • "Lifting" effect
  • Improves the quality of the smoker's skin
  • It is used before and after active sun exposure (skin prophylaxis)
  • Intimate biorevitalisation
  • Buy Sofiderm Derm Online

    Buy Sofiderm Derm Online very much used for filling as well as shaping of face or nose. Its use also in plumping the lips, forehead and chin.

    It can be used to improve the poor nasal shape, low nose, saddle nose and nasal tip.  Using the best of deep dermal fillers USA, quality dermal fillers online USA.

    Injected into the deep dermis.

    • HA Content: 20mg/ml
    • Particle Size: 0.15-0.28(mm)
    • Needle(BD): 2 pieces/package
    • Needle Size: 27G/30G BD needles

    Working with the best of researchers in this field,  our products are all approved by American FDA and The European EDQM

    Uses multiterm cross-linked technology to ensure strong stability of Sofiderm gel

    No risk of bacterial infection and viral diseases as produced by biotechnology

    No risk of allergy reaction with quality dermal fillers online USA.


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