Organic Hyalux Fine Lines (1x1ml)
Organic Hyalux Fine Lines (1x1ml)

Organic Hyalux Fine Lines (1x1ml)

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For fine lines


Organic Hyalux Fine Lines (1x1ml)  corrects fine lines with a concentration of 20mg / ml

BioHyalux ™ is an injectable hyaluronic acid based dermal filler in the aesthetics market, which adds volume to the skin, smooths away facial lines and wrinkles, or creates and shapes facial contours. Bio Organic Hyalux Fine Lines (1x1ml)  is provided in a range of products for superficial dermis, mid-to-deep dermis, deep dermis and lips.

BioHyalux ™ wants to combine with soft tissue tightly, expanding the volume of the injected area to the effect of facial modification via physical filling. Since BioHyalux   can be metabolized to CO 2  and H 2 O as the original HA does in the body, it does not cause any residue.

  • Bloomage Freda produces its own high purity hyaluronic acid without the use of animal substances
  • no skin test needed before treatment
  • no risk to transmit animal diseases
  • Higher quality than the quality standard of the European and Japanese pharmaceutical industry
  • minimal risk of allergic reactions
  • Double sterilization technique, aseptic filling and final sterilization

BioHyalux ™ Applications

  • Fine Lines:  correction of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as facial defects
  • Classic:  Correction of middle and deep wrinkles
  • Deep dermis:  correction of scars and deep wrinkles, volume build-up and reshaping contours
  • LIPS:  For lip defects and to increase the volume

Results can last up to 12 months and be followed up with follow-up for up to 15 months.


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